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D'Accord Easy Tuner 3.0.4

D'Accord Easy Tuner is intended to assist in the tuning of stringed instruments
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D'Accord Easy Tuner is a program designed to assist in the tuning of stringed instruments.
When started, it displays the image of a guitar’s arm (this image switches when the user selects another instrument), highlighting the string you want to tune; when you touch it with the mouse, it sounds like that string in a perfectly tuned guitar. The user can introduce the sound of his acoustic instrument to the computer using a microphone, and connecting it directly to the computer if he/she has an electrical instrument.

Meanwhile, a dial on the right –hand side shows if the user must increase or decrease the tension of the string to reach the appropriate tone. The user should simply repeat the procedure with each string and the instrument will be fully tuned.

At the bottom, there are two buttons: Wizard and Tunes; as its name suggests, the first opens a wizard that guides the user through the necessary steps to be ready to tune his /her instrument.

On the other hand, the Tunes button opens a window where you can select different string instruments, so that the program loads the needed configuration to tune the selected instrument. It also has the option to add / delete more instruments and their configurations, including name, description, number of strings, sound, tuning tone for each string, and even specify if it has double strings.

The installer asks you to install a browser toolbar (optional) first , and then that you send your name and e-mail address.

First launch advises you can use the demo software only 10 times, with option buttons to Register or Activate the product.

Sergio A. Durán
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  • English and Portuguese only
  • Browser toolbar installation (optional)
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